How We Help

To meet needs in the community, The Neeb Family Foundation provides grant money to religious educational institutions and faith-based nonprofit organizations, empowering them to offer direct and practical help to those in need.

Tangible Giving

As a Foundation, we care deeply about leaving a meaningful legacy and making a lasting impact on people’s lives. While we are pleased to on occasion provide academic institutions with grant money for student scholarships and boost less than optimal operating funds, we prefer to donate money to purchase or build tangible and lasting things such as facility additions or upgrades, equipment, furnishings and supplies.  

In recent years we have committed funds to renovate school classrooms, science labs, counseling centers, food banks and church sanctuaries.  We have purchased  Chromebooks for low-income students, sponsored back-pack food programs, purchased equipment or furnishings for nonprofits, Spanish language Bibles for distribution in the US, supplies for missionaries overseas and nonperishables for food banks.  

Apply For A Grant

Whether you represent a religious educational institution or a faith-based or secular nonprofit organization, we’d love to help meet your financial or physical needs. To start, complete our online grant application.

Grant Application Process

Confirm Status

To be eligible for a grant from The Neeb Family Foundation, your organization must be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Complete Grant Form

Submit our online grant application form and share your story and goals by providing an overview of your organization, describing your needs and how a grant meets those needs.

Follow Up

Once your grant application is reviewed, we may contact you to discuss your grant status and request further information.

Serving Nonprofits Across the Globe

While The Neeb Family Foundation is headquartered in the US midwest, religious educational institutions and faith-based nonprofit organizations across the globe can apply for a grant. In just the last 3 years alone we have contributed to schools, parishes and congregations in Arizona, Washington, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Kansas and Minnesota and internationally to those in Haiti, New Guinea, Kenya, the West Bank, and in aid of Afghan refugee resettlement

.  To start the grant application process, follow the steps above.

Grant questions? Contact The Neeb Family Foundation.