Grants For Faith-Based Primary & Secondary Education

NFF provides grants to support faith-based educational institutions to support  — students, educators, facilities, equipment and staff — because we think that an education grounded in religion is a solid and critical building block in life.

Our Commitment

We are committed to promoting Christian education and the importance of serving others.


We are committed to providing support to schools, congregations, educators, and parents.

We are committed to providing children with the support they need to succeed in school and life.

Our Grants Have Helped With...


Science Labs

Classroom Remodels

Academic Facilities

Counseling Centers


Behavioral Specialists

Speech Specialists

Academic Scholarships

Grants for Primary Education

NFF’s commitment to parochial primary education is grounded in providing as much support to schools, congregations, and educators as possible so that more parents can send their children for an education that will provide solid building blocks for students to live lives grounded in faith.

Since its inception, The Neeb Family Foundation has provided financial support in remodeling classrooms, gymnasiums, libraries, academic facilities, and more. In addition, NFF has contributed to scholarship funds to help defer tuition costs for students including a focus on minority, special needs, and low-income students.

Another primary education focus for NFF is funding paraprofessionals that enable families to send children with special needs to parochial schools with their siblings. NFF has also provided needed funds for speech, hearing, and behavioral specialists.

Grants for Secondary Education

The Neeb Family Foundation has historically provided extensive support for Lutheran, Catholic, and other religious secondary education. We have a particular interest in providing funding for projects that build new or renovate existing facilities. NFF has also made substantial contributions to scholarship funds to help defer tuition costs for students including a focus on minority, middle, and low-income students.

In addition, NFF helps high school students continue their education. We look to fund scholarships to the college or university of their choice regardless of whether it has a religious affiliation. We strongly believe that the likelihood of success in life is vastly increased with a college education and that the financial challenges of getting a college education are more daunting than ever.

Apply For A Grant

Whether you represent a religious educational institution or a faith-based or secular nonprofit organization, NFF would love to help meet your financial or physical needs. To start, complete our online grant application.