Grants for Charitable Organizations & Nonprofits

NFF supports organizations that provide food, shelter, counseling, and medical attention to those in need, whether in everyday life or amidst disasters.

Our Commitment

We are committed to promoting Christian education and the importance of serving others.


We are committed to providing support to schools, congregations, educators, and parents.

We are committed to providing children with the support they need to succeed in school and life.

Our Grants Have Helped With...



Church Ministries

Food Banks

Homeless Shelters

Clothing Banks

Medical Supplies

Crisis Supplies

Faith Counseling

Grants for Humanitarians

The Neeb Family Foundation supports work by secular organizations that assist in the area of human care, such as those who provide help in times of human disasters and those dedicated to providing food, clothing, education, medical supplies and care, shelter, counseling, and comfort to people who need it regardless of creed, color or geographic location. NFF grants have supported organizations in the U.S. (St. Louis, Tacoma, Kansas City, Birmingham, New York City to name a few)and places as diverse as Kenya, Haiti, India, Papa New Guinea, and Palestine.

Grants for Missions

The Neeb Family Foundation supports Christian missions and missionaries as an effort to spread Christ’s love and our Christian faith to those in need. The acts of missions can include but is not limited to preaching, teaching, education, and hospital work.

Apply For A Grant

Whether you represent a religious educational institution or a faith-based or secular nonprofit organization, NFF would love to help meet your financial or physical needs. To start, complete our online grant application.